Shirley Nelson




 Alaska Teacher Certified

 Over 30 years of experience in public and private education.

 Experienced Title 1 Reading Teacher / Administrator.

 Extensive experience in curriculum development.

 Previous co-owner Pianos Unlimited: Music Education Center & Steinway  Piano Gallery.








“Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found Ms. Nelson!!!

Everyday was such a struggle for my son Garrett, his comprehension was extremely poor and his self-confidence was in the gutter. As soon as I met this kind lady, I knew we were in the right place. She was so encouraging and did not waste any time getting around to boosting Garrett’s confidence. He was actually excited to go week after week, I’ve never seen him so eager to learn and do school work. I am absolutely amazed at the change I see in his reading. Ms. Nelson’s passion for reading and helping children is very evident and  I would recommend her and Blue Sky Reading to anyone that has a child struggling.”

-Kristi Losby. [Anchorage, Alaska]


“Carter was struggling with reading and writing and has struggled since kindergarten. He is very bright, but has had challenges focusing or even wanting to read or write. Within the first month of getting tutoring assistance from Shirley, Carter’s reading grade at school improved from a C to A-. He also showed more interest in reading and his teacher noticed an increased enthusiasm as well as academic improvement. Carter had been tested previously for the Ignite Gifted Program, his math scores were high but his reading level held him back from being accepted. After working with Shirley, he later tested and was accepted into the Ignite Program. His standardized test scores   improved  significantly, showing he was highly proficient or advanced in almost every topic. We credit the improvement in his reading to the excellent tutoring he has received from Shirley and Blue Sky Reading”.

-Ella L. Ede. [Anchorage, Alaska]  


“She made a positive impact on student learning. Was masterful at assessing student performance and then designing instruction based upon the data.”

-Carl White, Principal. Nome, Alaska


“Shirley has made all the difference in my son’s reading and writing skills. She was able to zero in on the areas he especially needed help and use materials that were of particular interest to him. The result was not only an improvement in his reading and analytical skills, but also an increase in his self confidence about learning, As a parent, I felt much more comfortable that my son had the skills to make the transition from elementary school to 7th grade. I highly recommend Ms. Nelson for individualized instruction in reading and writing.”

-Kathy Lorec, Parent. [Anchorage, Alaska]


“Was the center of many community events especially music education on all levels from pre-school through adult education. Very innovative in her programming and all aspects of each event were wonderfully organized.”

Juliana Osinchuk, The Juilliard School of Music, and Director of Chamber Music & Young Alaskan Artist. Program - Anchorage Festival of Music. [New York, NY]


“She was known as an innovative teacher and made the lessons interesting and relevant to the students lives. She emphasized reading and writing skills in all her curriculums and as a result her classes were very well rounded and she brought in special programs that would include all skills in a specific program. Shirley always went the extra mile.”

-Melissa Sanford, Wilderness Expressions, Itinerant Art and Music Teacher, and Assistant Teacher. [Valdez, Alaska]

Shirley Nelson member of;

—Anchorage East Rotary

—Member Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

—Municipal Budget Advisory Commissioner

—Imagination Library Committee



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